Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Chris from Canada wrote:
I live near a 4-way stop where drivers unfamiliar with the street frequently miss the stop signs so there always seems to be bits of shatterproof glass and plastic signal cover laying around.
I fell in love with a lovely RL planter-bench combo last December at a hotel in Cuba, made using broken pieces of glass, mirror, rigid plastic and ceramic tile, all embedded in mortar to form a mosaic pattern over an old concrete bench and a piece of cement sewer pipe.
I now collect these treasures when I find them and after washing, they go into a biscuit tin. So far I have only used them for a 1:12 planter made from a hairspray top I covered in paperclay, but it was so easy to do that I want to try it for a bench and maybe even as a surface on a walkway for a garden set in the tropics.