Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bedded Down

The Dollhouse Miniprojects Group recently completed a canopy bed project. The directions were clear and easy to follow, and each member completed the project a little differently.

Dee planned and set the task, and this is her prototype bed. She is planning a Christmas bed, and the lace will be changed to green. She is also planning a dressing table for the group to accompany those completed beds.

Kaye Smith from Tasmania was first to finish her pretty Purple bed.

Then she went on to make pillows to round out the project

Doreen Playter adapted the prototype and used lace trim to simulate carved wood trim.
Doreen's bed even has linens underneath!
See her blog at Doreen's Miniatures and Memories

Marjorie from California wrote about her Tudor bed:
I used paper doilies to replicate carvings on the headboard and footboard. I used Minwax gel stain to do the wood as well as the paper doilies. I am happy with the way it turned out. The cross stitched coverlet I purchased along with the pillow at the Good Sam Show in 2010. I am going to remake the pillow - it is too large and stiff.

Here is Marjorie's finished bed.

Then Joyce Holland wrote a hilarious post about her bits of rubble! She had followed Dee's directions to the letter, and when she was trying to apply the rubber band as a clamp the whole thing fell apart! (The glue needs to set a bit and the band needs to be rather loose. Make a loop, insert a stick and tighten tourniquet style.)

Joyce is still working on her bed - pics to come!

This is Linda's bed. She cut a long strip of cardboard and wrapped it with a strip of fabric to create the striped trim.

Joyce Holland's bed is delicate and very feminine.

All so different, but started from the same basic plan.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shower Power!

Tracey Flemming wrote in Canada Minis Group:

I made this shower stall with junk. It's an empty man's disposable razor package. I painted the outside of the package with white paint. It looks like my real shower stall because it's shiny on the inside.

I used
  • Paper clip and Fimo for the shower head.
  • Fimo and stitching floss for soap on rope.
  • Part of a snap for drain and earring backs for taps.
  • Scrap matte board and wood sticks to build the box to keep it standing upright.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

Chris from Canada wrote
I have a hint for those of you who make 1:12 people and need hair. I've found that what is generally available has a very limited colour range and absolutely zilch shading, so the hair looks like either a cheap wig, or the result of a hair colouring preparation left on too long. And if you want hair that is in the process of greying, forget it.

WARNING: Persons suffering from Bacillophobia or Bacteriophobia should stop reading now!

A free and easy solution for dog owners is to take the scissors to the long hair on your pup's tail or body right before his or her visit to the Doggie Spa. (If you really want to you can explain the
clipped spots, but be prepared for some strange looks.) No dog or no long hair? No problem! Visit a groomer and ask if he/she would mind saving some longer clippings for you in exchange for something like a 1:12 scale poster of popular dog breeds and their traditional haircuts. I did this 2 1/2 years ago after my source of soft mixed grey and white hair had crossed the rainbow bridge, and ended up with enough hair to last me the rest of my life, as well as selling 30 posters to my groomer who wanted to include one with each Christmas card she sent that year!

To prepare the hair, sort and bind clumps of similar colour tightly with sewing thread into small bundles, then give the bundles a 'bath" using warm water and either dish soap or dog shampoo. Rinse well, then gently massage in some 'people' hair conditioner or creme rinse, and rinse again. Let the bundles air-dry and store in a clear baggie until needed. NOTE: If you are over the age of 70, put a label on the baggie so your heirs do not think they are souvenirs from your secret
life as an axe murderer. :-D