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Glass Shelves

Maureen H. in St. Albert AB from Canada Minis completed her Scentimental Journey roombox and shared how she did those glass shelves.
http://public. stalbertmini/

"I used Lego pieces to hold the glass shelves in position for gluing. The pieces on the left were positioned from the top edge of the cabinet with the shelf (glass slide) held at right angles by the second set of Legos. A view from the side is next."

With the Legos in their respective positions, the Super Glue on the edge of the slide is kept away from the Legos.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Grazhina's Pumpkin House Landscapong

Silica Gel in Shoes and Vit C containers

Megan wrote in Ty-nee-Stuff Tid-bits:
These are various silica gel versions I've found from packets found in new shoes/sneakers, along with Vitamin C bottles.

Member suggestions for using these:
  • The smaller size ones would be great as gravel in the bottom of a fish tank,
  • The larger clear ones would make excellent bubbles in a bathtub.
  • The clear square ones would be ice cubes in a drink. If you roll them in black paint they could be coals in a BBQ or used to fill a charcoal bag.
  • Or how about around plants in a terrarium. or in a turtle tank?
  • How about stuffing for a pillow?

Stormy Weather

Umbrella and Boots by Kes

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newport Bathroom

Paula in s. central Ohio is working on her Newport Bathroom:
http://tinyurl. com/m5rrrq
This bathroom looks pretty much like my RL, aqua & flamingos!
  • I painted the shower curtain (looks just like my own) on a piece of packaging plastic.
  • I scrounged the mirror out of my powder compact (I need a magnifying mirror so didn't need it).
  • The tub, sink & toilet I got from an estate sale at the Columbus show this past spring.
  • The rugs & towels are made from the 'granite' paint samples from Lowes.
  • I made the hamper from card stock covered w/a vinyl paintable wallpaper from Lowes' closeout.
  • The lid is a piece of foam sheet.
  • The flower pocket on the wall is made from a Roger's chocolate Victoria creams wrapper.
  • I printed out pics of my RL stained glass pieces on clear film & hung one in the window.
  • The Battenburg lace curtains are made from tiny lace doilies.
  • For a shower hook, I bent a tiny piece of green-colored wire into an "S" shape. That way it was easy
  • to attach them to the curtain first & close one end of the open "S", then to the curtain rod & then close that one too.
  • The waste basket was a clear lid to a bottle of hair spritz. I printed out 3 pics of a flamingo pattern & glued them to the inside.
  • I definitely need a kitty on the windowsill (which I made from a "marble" paint sample from Lowes)
(see Paula's link above for more pics.)

Quarter Inch Wine Bottles

From the Quarter Connection Group:
Office Supply companies carry Avery Secur-A-Tach 5" self-fastening Fasteners, but you can also look around when you are shopping for clothes. (Whine and plead with the sales people to give you a few?)
They have indentations, but once you put the label on them, the indentations don't show up.
Gallery Glass paint works the best for painting.

Laura Miller from Tucson wrote about using the tags and posted pictures to her Webshots
Laura sells wine glasses.

And from Judith Dowden:
For the wine bottle--cut off the top and bottom sections of the long piece. Your bottle should be just 5mm long. I painted mine with green glass paint and used a gold pen for the label and top. Use the top ball for a perfume bottle, using a no hole bead for the top. Use the ball with some of the plastic cord left on as another perfume bottle. Use the whole long piece as a wine decanter--painted or left as is. Use the barrel end as it is for a small cask or 1/144th barrel, or cut it in half to make two pots (by adding a card handle), or various dishes or vases

Dish soap container below is made from price tag plastic piece and plastic piece used. Color with permanent green marker. Label is just white paper colored with blue highlighter with dots of color from fine point markers. Top is no-hole bead painted white and super-glued on.

Who- da thunk? Keep those peepers open!

Stereo Speakers, Urinals and Trays

Chris from Canada wrote:
if you use the gel super glue in the blue and silver plastic casing (I
think it's called LocTite Control Gel, but I soaked the label off my
last one a few weeks ago and need to get more), you can pry the case
apart to find the makings of a perfect pair of modernistic tower-
style stereo speakers.
Once you cut them free of the bits of plastic joining them to the base
(reserving the base of course for further butchering to turn it into a
serving platter, or cutting guide or mold for modern Fimo serving
trays), all you need to do is give them a coat of whatever finish(es)
you desire.
Mine were done in chrome nail polish for a disco roombox scene. The
silver outer casing, if cut in half vertically, yields two ..... ummmmm
wall-hung urinals that need only a bit of cardstock to close off the back and
base, with a drainhole in the right spot before they are given a coating
of white enamel, and a silver or white bead flush handle.
BTW, these were not used in the same roombox, although now that I
think about it, I could have added a walled-off section with a partially
opened door and ...... No, it's best l leave it at that. The recipient might
not have appreciated the added touch, as she is of the more conservative

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brooke's Boxes

Brooke Tucker is the daughter of movie stat Forrest Tucker.
She creates elaborate, sophisticated roomboxes.

Read about her life here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mata Hari and the Titanic

Conny v / den Dungen was fascinated by the history of the Dutch-born spy Mata Hari
and has made a stunning series of roomboxes illustrating events in her life..

Gerk Koopmans, conservator of the Mata Hari collection, visiting Conny in her home 2003.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What You Can Do With Toothpicks!

Patrick Ashton used 600,000 toothpicks to create this marvel!

Scott Weaver made a huge kinetic sculpture of San Francisco entirely from toothpicks. A ball travels through it, touring the elements of the city.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Foodies Alert! Betsy is here!

This lady makes absolutely awesome food. She also teaches on the Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures site (scroll down to the how-to links to the left on this blog)

Greenleaf Videos!

Gina has made many of the Greenleaf dollhouses. She has a Youtube channel
and also a blog with many links and TUTs.
Check them out - don't you just love house tours?
This is her gallery on the Greenleaf Forum.
Her blog and Youtube links are below.

And this is Deb's Italian Villa! She talks about it in her blog here:
She also has a Youtube channel
Deb is the Deb from Etsy,, her username is debsminis and this is the link

Cottage Chic Living Room

Check out Susan Farnik's Cottage Chic Living room! Absolutely stunning! You would swear it was RL!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Basement, Laundry and Workroom

Fay Zerbolio from St. Louis, MO
has made this fabulous vignette!

Her home page is: and you will find even more fantabulous things there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bashing Michaels Hutches

From this to that- a brilliant transformation and Carol's TUT is below.

Wanna from El Paso discussed all the possibilities of the hutches.

Dollhouse Museum on the Freedom Trail

Ancient House of Ipswich @1910

German Milliner's Shop

English Inherited Sturge House @1890

The Mildred M. Mahoney Doll's House Gallery, believed by most Fort Erie Ontario natives to be haunted, is home to the fascinating miniature world of the dollhouse. Housing one of the world's largest collections of dollhouses in North America, there are 140 exhibits spanning two centuries and rare masterpieces from England, Europe, the Orient and North America. Whether you visit for the miniature wonders or the building's historical and cultural significance, we know it will be a memorable visit. For more information call 905-871-5833.
Click on the About US for admission, and map.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Pencils never Die!

Chris from Canada wrote:

Before you toss that old pencil stub:

1) Pry out the rest of the eraser. When chopped up it makes passable raw meat or dog kibble.

2) Using pliers, pull off the metal ring that held the eraser. The tube you have in your hands will become a custom-made clay cutter on whatever shape you desire. Start by gently rounding out the tube with small pliers and then identifying the end with the neatest edge. This will be your cutter. On the other end, wrap a 1.4" wide strip of masking tape around the outside of the tube a few times to reinforce it and provide a safe place to hold on to. As the metal is quite sharp and I am a klutz, I also folded about 1/32" of one layer of tape over the raw edge to the inside of the tube for added safety. Don't tape over the end of the tube as you need some way to get inside to push out your clay shape if it gets stuck inside the cutter. Finally, use your pliers to shape the other end of the tube into whatever shape cutter you need.

NOTE: Make sure to do the above 2 steps in the order specified, or you risk tearing the ring. The pencil holds the ring in shape while you gouge out the eraser bit.

3) Consider the potential of the stub as a post for a bird bath or a garden statue, the base form for a paper-clay Yule log, bakeable body core for a Fimo critter or any place you can use a RL 3-4" diameter cylinder.

4) If there is anything left of the pencil by now, gently deposit the remains in the nearest trash can, offering a few words of thanks for such long and loyal service. (sob!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Great American Dollhouse Museum

Lori Kagan-Moore, Director and Curator
The Great American Dollhouse Museum

Facebook Page: The Great American Dollhouse Museum

Uses for Plastic Canvas

Sandra Manring from Texas belongs to the MSAT Flowers and Gardens group.
Her work is so elegant.
Look at her photosites below.

The picture is of a roombox her friend Sylvia made, using plastic canvas for the railings and windows..
Stunning, isn't it?

Sandra very kindly sent me these pattern ideas.

Jackie C. from MSAT Flowers and Gardens did this gate.

Don't forget to check the previous posting for more ideas!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Roman Shades

Both of these links sre for RL Drapery, but give you ideas for styles.

This is a TUT for RL shades.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toddlers and Babies

Cheri DeGruccio's site shows the process for sculpting babies.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Egg Carton Fireplace

Grazhina is working on her Kitschy Kitchen....see how she does the brick fireplace.

Don't forget to check the accessories from her store that she is putting into the scene.

Michaels Hutches

Grazhina posted ideas for the Michaels hutches on her blog.

She made a Bench for the kitchen here:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mountains from Ceiling Tiles

Dryer Lint

Chris from Canada sez:
Save some lint from the filter screen of your dryer, as it makes great stuffing for mini pillows and stuffed toys. It's much easier to
use than polyester stuffing, as the lint's fibres are so fine they will go easily into the tiniest spaces. If you are one of those laundry perfectionists whose pure white or black clothes are never, ever, washed with other colours, you can use the lint for flocking
after a quick buzz in a blender. The rest of us will have to settle for whatever colour shows up in the lint screen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Grazhina is a wonderfully sharing and inventive miniaturist. She has instructions for making a stove,which could easily be adapted for a washer/dryer.
Check her blog! And the links section.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Joanne Swanson's Foamcore Siding Idea

Foamcore Siding
Maureen H. in St. Albert AB wrote to The Canada Minis Digest:
I was, as usual, reading old (1993)Nutshell news and came across Joann Swanson's instructions for her garage sale. I'm thinking maybe I'll add it to my list of upcoming projects and, accordingly, I'm poring over the instructions when I spot this little gem!

The outside walls of her garage are made from foamcore yet look like siding. Here's how Joann did it.

On outside of exterior walls, measure and mark horizontal lines every 1/2" from bottom to top. Cut on the lines with an X-Acto knife and a straight edge just through the top paper layer. Make a tool like a pointed orange stick by sharpening end of a e/16" dowel in pencil sharpener. Starting from the top, slip pointed end of tool under one end of cut line. Run it along cut with enough pressure to slightly indent the area under the line and slightly lift up cut edge of paper. Repeat for all lines to create faux siding. Paint as desired. Let dry

I actually ran a 1/2" strip of wood along the line, putting more pressure on the side closest to the line.

I've put two pictures of the small sample piece I did in my CM album. The straight on picture doesn't really do it justice but you can get a better idea of how it looks from the end shot where I've highlighted the edge with marker.

Wonderful method you might want to keep tucked away in your mind.

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Wow! Greenleaf's Spring Fling Contest

This is where the official results are posted.

Some absolutely wonderful entries! What is fascinating is that every one has a different "take" on the subject.
The link below will take you to the gallery where you can see the submissions.