Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stereo Speakers, Urinals and Trays

Chris from Canada wrote:
if you use the gel super glue in the blue and silver plastic casing (I
think it's called LocTite Control Gel, but I soaked the label off my
last one a few weeks ago and need to get more), you can pry the case
apart to find the makings of a perfect pair of modernistic tower-
style stereo speakers.
Once you cut them free of the bits of plastic joining them to the base
(reserving the base of course for further butchering to turn it into a
serving platter, or cutting guide or mold for modern Fimo serving
trays), all you need to do is give them a coat of whatever finish(es)
you desire.
Mine were done in chrome nail polish for a disco roombox scene. The
silver outer casing, if cut in half vertically, yields two ..... ummmmm
wall-hung urinals that need only a bit of cardstock to close off the back and
base, with a drainhole in the right spot before they are given a coating
of white enamel, and a silver or white bead flush handle.
BTW, these were not used in the same roombox, although now that I
think about it, I could have added a walled-off section with a partially
opened door and ...... No, it's best l leave it at that. The recipient might
not have appreciated the added touch, as she is of the more conservative