Thursday, October 25, 2018

Nutcracker Sweet

Once upon a time, I came upon this sweetfaced doll at a garage sale. Then I came across these nutcrackers at the $ store. Hmmmm.......

The little lady was somewhat strangely bulky around the waist. And once her clothes came off, what did appear! Gee, aren’t there smaller music boxes?

So to reshape and dress.

Then sit her in a dome to admire her nutcracker.

Before and After Gazebo

Now how great a garage sale find is this for 25 cents!
I had some small scale figures in my stash, a couple of trees, and a large cake container, and this is how it ended up. The base is foam core cut to fit the container, lawn is a mix of paper mache, sawdust, glue and paint. The bushes are moss, dabbed with glue and sprinkled with flocking. The walk is paper mache, painted after it dried.

And then the cake containers for storage....a nice little project, kept me busy and out of trouble for a week!