Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hazel Dowd's club Minis4All, has been working on Hazel's tutorial vignette project, Elegance.
These girls belong to the Burscough dolls house club and come with their grandmothers, who are members of minis4all.
Three members completed their vignettes and proudly show off! The girls each designed the dresses for their project. How wonderful to see a younger generation of mini lovers flowering under the guidance of their mentors!

Lucy age 14

Chloe age 12

Catherine age 12

Great job, girls!

Easy Leaded Windows

Chris from Canada wrote:
If you want to have small diamond-shaped leaded panes in a 1:12 window, look no further than the aluminium leaf guards that (supposedly) keep leaves from clogging up the eaves troughs of your house. Mine were trashed when the new troughs went up, but somehow one escaped the recycling bin. It surfaced last winter when I was digging around in the garage, and as I was in the final stages of a small 1:12 roombox representing a Tudor period solar, this piece of junk was actually diamonds in the rough. (groan)

The mesh is heavy aluminum that can be bent with pliers, and the size of the openings equals 4-5" in RL size, just right for Late Mediaeval, Tudor and Elizabethan settings. I had made the casement window frame already, so I simply cut a piece to fit, scrubbed it with dish soap and hot water, then spray painted it very dark grey. Once it was glued into the frame, I added acetate, attaching it to the mesh where the solder points would be with a teeny drop of superglue. It looks so much more real than drawing lines with marker or liquid lead and is definitely easier than fumbling with bits of wood or trying to evenly trim the adhesive 'mini' lead strips into 'real-mini' widths.

You can do the same thing for 1:24 windows using the metal mesh from old analog satellite dishes, in 1:48 scale window screen material works nicely, particularly if you skip the acetate and fill each hole with clear nail polish or gloss acrylic sealer to create the look of hand-made glass. For 144th scale, a fine black tulle, no crinoline material please as the panes would be 12" wide (!), or white tulle painted) can be stiffened and the panes filled using a brush-on or spray acrylic sealer and used as is, or leave the holes clear and sandwich the stiffened window between 2 layers of a good quality clear packing tape if you are worried about rough handling.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Happy House Part 2

Sarah and Adam are waving from Wee Creations Yahoo Group:

We are happy you liked our small dining room and have been working on a little girls bedroom. This is what we have done so far. We still have to tweek it some like grandma says, :) but it's almost done. We just have to add a little something on or over the curtains and maybe a couple dolls/toys. Little Camilla loves to read, so maybe some books too. I don't think she looks very happy yet. Maybe she's missing a little friend.Thank you all for your kind words, Adam and I appreciate them very much and we are inspired by you all.
Part 1 is here. Or look in the directory under kids projects.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raggedy Ann Room

Leilani from Wee Creations Yahoo Group writes:

I love turning trash into mini treasures.
One of the things I enjoy the most is going around the house searching for things I can turn into some kind of mini treasure. Hunting for a possible mini in something that isn't is really fun.
A couple of you asked me about the RA&A fabric. The RA&A fabric I used for these little treasures came in a 101 swap I had with a friend from Greece a while ago. I didn't know what to do with the fabric until I needed pillows.
The squares on the fabric are very small and I thought they would be just right for what I needed. The pillows look big in the photos but are really less than an inch in size. I had to hand sew tiny stitches and use a very small amount of padding to stuff them.
The pillows are also reversible. Some have plain fabric on the other side while others have RA&A pattern.

The red and white stripe fabric is just a piece of cleaning towel, the kind that come a few in a pack from the dollar store. They come in different colors. I just happen to have that one and I think I also have a green and white piece. Depending on what I'm working on I also use this fabric for underlying something that may need a little extra underneath.
I received two small pieces of RA&A fabric in the swap deal, enough for the little pillows. The pieces of fabric have the different prints you see on the pillows. It looks like a quilt with tiny squares.

The fabric for the little sofa is a piece of vinyl and since I couldn't find Bunka I twisted layers of sewing thread together to make the trim thickness I needed and I was glad it worked.

The sofa, swivel chair and the little bed all came from a bottle of Dawn dish washing detergent. I think it was a 12 oz bottle. I was surprised I could get all three pieces from one bottle.
The little bed is made from the bottom part of the bottle. The swivel chair is made from the top part of the bottle and the sofa is made from the center part of the bottle.

The little fireplace came out of a Dove bath soap box and I added broken egg shells for the stone look.
The top and bottom of the fireplace came from a cardboard egg carton and the base is made from a piece of cardboard as well.

As you can see everything is made from some kind of Trash that I turned into a mini treasure. ( T2T ).

I hope you enjoy my Wee Creations!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Duracraft Farmhouse 505

Raven Scott has completed this wonderful farmhouse and posted pictures to her album in the Little Roomers group.

What a charming project!

Higgins General Store

A new member, Raven Scott, posted pics to her general store in the group photo album.
This is a shot of the outside.

The sidewalk has moss growing in the cracks, and a gumball machine is at the front entrance.
On the right hand side you can see the notions department.

Inside there is a tempting selection of sewing needs.

This is the lower shelf:

This is the grocery section:

And you really must have a bathroom, so an extra room was built onto the back of the store.

An HBS nightstand was bashed to make the sink unit, and Sculpey clay used to make the sink and the bathroom mirror.
Of course, a general store must sell tools:

Note the weigh scale and paper bags!

Outside, to the right is a vegetable stand.

With vegetables

Lots of attention to detail here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


*** Tanya has been so generous sharing all her projects, which has made us all so grateful.  It shouldn't be necessary to say this , but they are not for others to make and profit from! Please note they are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!!  If you wish to sell. please have the courtesy to contact her first.

Once again, Tanya has come up with a unique project!

Cheese Balls by Tanya
What you will need:

  • Nail Polish Kit Party Favors – 4 Pack (found at Hobby Lobby)
  • Cap from thingie found in pharmacy medicine bottles to keep medicine fresh (Top of canister) If you don’t have any of these you could probably use a large brad Gazz-It modeling beads – found at Dollar Tree Tacky
  • Glue (to glue label and top to canister)
  • Printer to print label for cheeseballs off the internet (Do a Google search for UTZ Cheeseballs)
  1. Open polish bottle, cut the stem off with utility scissors. Empty contents out. You will have to stick some type of stick inside the bottle to get the polish flowing out. Run hot water inside the bottle until all contents is out and bottle is clear. Let bottle dry completely.
  2. Open your container of Gazz-It beads and take out enough to fill the nail polish bottle. Put the Gazz-It beads on clean piece of cardstock or paper or whatever you choose.
  3. Pour a small amount of orange paint onto the paper then take a paintbrush and cover the Gazz-It beads all over until completely covered in orange paint, let dry. Fill container up with the Gazz-It beads all the way to the top.
  4. Paint the cap of your canister the same color as the real life product. I used a purple paint pen and the paint stuck very well to the plastic cap. Once it is dry glue the cap on the canister with Tacky Glue.
  5. Once you have found your label on the internet via Google, copy and paste it to MS Word and resize it. If you can’t find the label I have it and can send it to you upon request. After you have resized your label and cut it out, glue it to your container of cheese balls and you are all done. If you decide to make one of these I would love to see pictures. If anything is not clear to you, please don’t hesitate to email me at teecrafty2000@ Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Happy House Part 1

Posted on Wee Creations Yahoo Group by Sarah and Adam:
Most of you know that my brother Adam and I rescued a doll house that was going into the trash and we are trying to fix it and mom said it would be OK to show pics of the first room so you can see how it's coming along. The pics are of the dining room.
The hutch was made by Linda from a swap she had with my g-ma a while back.
The floor cover and table cloth are from another swap but I can't remember who made it. The three plates above the hutch are from a scrapbook section.
The picture on the wall Adam painted it. We both love to pain and so do mom and g-ma and my little brother Alex likes to scribble too so we might showcase one or more of his masterpieces in one of the rooms also. He is so cute!
The hanging lamp is from a living room fan chain g-ma had saved and a finding for the base.
The curtains are pieces of lace I put together. I will be gathering the curtains up in the center and adding a little bow or something to them on there.
The decoration on the stairs side Adam and I made.
The hanging plates were a gift from a friend in Greece. Thank you Lia.
The cake on the table was made using a small water bottle top and puff paints. It is on a button plate with a doily cut from a regular size larger one.

The table and chairs were just a lucky find because it was the only one left and they were hidden way back on a shelf. G-ma found it because she moved some other things out the way and looked behind the boxes.
Since we love Christmas we want to have a little bit of Christmas here and there throughout the house so you will see more touches of Christmas.
The other pic is of Linda Grady's hutch. We love this hutch and since we are making the dining room with a Christmas theme we thought it would look great in there and it does. We love the Poinsettia above the hutch also. Thank you Linda.

Thanks to everyone who swaps with g-ma because we have such pretty things for the dining room now. We learn so much from all who share tutorials, ideas and tips and we love TTT also.

Happy House painted
Inside papered