Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raggedy Ann Room

Leilani from Wee Creations Yahoo Group writes:

I love turning trash into mini treasures.
One of the things I enjoy the most is going around the house searching for things I can turn into some kind of mini treasure. Hunting for a possible mini in something that isn't is really fun.
A couple of you asked me about the RA&A fabric. The RA&A fabric I used for these little treasures came in a 101 swap I had with a friend from Greece a while ago. I didn't know what to do with the fabric until I needed pillows.
The squares on the fabric are very small and I thought they would be just right for what I needed. The pillows look big in the photos but are really less than an inch in size. I had to hand sew tiny stitches and use a very small amount of padding to stuff them.
The pillows are also reversible. Some have plain fabric on the other side while others have RA&A pattern.

The red and white stripe fabric is just a piece of cleaning towel, the kind that come a few in a pack from the dollar store. They come in different colors. I just happen to have that one and I think I also have a green and white piece. Depending on what I'm working on I also use this fabric for underlying something that may need a little extra underneath.
I received two small pieces of RA&A fabric in the swap deal, enough for the little pillows. The pieces of fabric have the different prints you see on the pillows. It looks like a quilt with tiny squares.

The fabric for the little sofa is a piece of vinyl and since I couldn't find Bunka I twisted layers of sewing thread together to make the trim thickness I needed and I was glad it worked.

The sofa, swivel chair and the little bed all came from a bottle of Dawn dish washing detergent. I think it was a 12 oz bottle. I was surprised I could get all three pieces from one bottle.
The little bed is made from the bottom part of the bottle. The swivel chair is made from the top part of the bottle and the sofa is made from the center part of the bottle.

The little fireplace came out of a Dove bath soap box and I added broken egg shells for the stone look.
The top and bottom of the fireplace came from a cardboard egg carton and the base is made from a piece of cardboard as well.

As you can see everything is made from some kind of Trash that I turned into a mini treasure. ( T2T ).

I hope you enjoy my Wee Creations!