Monday, November 21, 2011


Chris from Canada writes:
This is an idea that I came up with a few years back to use those strong, but very often defective, sewing pins with no point, that comprise a large percentage of the pins sold in plastic boxes at Dollar Store-type outlets.
These pointless pins make good hinge-pin replacements for doors, trunks, storage boxes etc... when the original pins grow wings and fly away. Just trim the length with wire cutters to fit, allowing for a bend at the end if it is needed to secure the pin.
And if you need some tiny nails, try cutting the tip off at an angle and they can replace any dollhouse nails which may have joined the Great Pin Escape. (If you want the heads to be a brass or gold colour, apply a dot of gold paint or nail polish.)
These pins are also excellent to use without trimming if you are connecting sections of foamboard for a structure: If a pin goes in crooked by accident it is unlikely to stab a finger hard enough to draw blood!

*** just a safety reminder - always wear glasses when cutting pins or wires! Those little pieces fly everywhere!