Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check those Electronics!

Tanya wrote:
Be sure you check out those old electronics because there's lots of goodies inside. I found a mini metal file holder inside of an old DVD player.

Chris from Canadsa wrote:
My daughters are now 32 and 35 and beyond the annual birthday cake, but a few weeks ago I discovered some of those plastic flower-shaped candle holders I used to use in the back of a drawer. I doubt these would sell on eBay, even if they are "rare, vintage and in the original package" , but they are definitely not trash IMHO. Turned upside down with the flower portion painted with a metallic finish and the point with a suitable ivory or cream nail polish, you have a lovely 8-9" candle in a metal holder.
Or cut the part that goes into the cake off flush with the bottom of the flower, and they look like those small containers for floating candles, single roses or arrangements of small flowers from an English garden. By cutting the stem off part-way down and gluing it into a small bead attached to a base (button, jewellery finding etc..) it can be a taller stemmed container or even a porcelain candy dish. The white ones can be used as is or with a coat of clear gloss, but an opalescent nail polish or some glass stain would easily convert the other colours into 'glass' or 'porcelain'.
"BUT," you ask, "what about that pointy stem you cut off?" How about pencils, pens or artist's brushes in a holder, handles for small kitchen utensils, whisk brooms or children's toys, garden stakes, tent pegs, candles in a box and so on........

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Tanya made this fabulous scene for Valentine's Day....

Don't it just make you all warm and fuzzy?
Here is a link to her Picturetrail album: