Friday, August 26, 2016

Sock Stretchers

A member of our group has been downsizing and offered some minis to us. These 2 shapes were held together with string. Took a while to figure out what they were - going back to the days of hand knit wool socks, which had to be dried on these stretchers, or they shrunk to baby foot size!

The wooden shapes with socks drawn in pencil.

The socks painted and ready to be hung on the line.

Wouldn't you know I mislaid the little ...s somewhere. Luckily, I had traced the original and made a replica, as well as a perforated sample to show how the stretcher would look. Sooooo, I just proceeded to make a sock filled replica as well.

Stairway to Heaven

Our club is working on the Wizard's Spell Book from Tba.
Here is a picture of the scene we are trying to capture.

Cindy was able to buy a book at Michaels in the States. The measurements were smaller than the size indicated in the book, so the photocopies were reduced to 75%, which worked perfectly.
The paper was decoupage do to the book, and the stairs made in layers from builder's foam rather than florist foam.

Instead of d├ęcoupageing, the stairs were finished to resemble stone.
Here is the inspiration picture for the stone.
Here is a picture of the stairs.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Little Red Painters

One of our neighbours had a birthday and the theme of the party was Alice in Wonderland. (The Shaw Festival is featuring the musical this year.)
This is a version of the playing card painters commanded by the Queen of Hearts to paint all the white roses red.The heads are styrofoam balls cut in half, hats and cloaks are red tissue paper, brushes are made from stir sticks carved to shape and painted. Hands and boots are made with Fimo, paint pots are from card. Isn't it amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do?
The idea was inspired by a Small Packages Tutorial.
The faces were downloaded from the Internet. Cards are actual playing cards.

The painters looked good installed in the bushes with garlands of white roses.

Also, the little guys were used in an Alice inspired hat worn to a garden party.

There was also a giant teacup planter. If you look VERY CLOSELY, you will see Alice and the caterpillar, as well as the Cheshire cat.