Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newport Bathroom

Paula in s. central Ohio is working on her Newport Bathroom:
http://tinyurl. com/m5rrrq
This bathroom looks pretty much like my RL, aqua & flamingos!
  • I painted the shower curtain (looks just like my own) on a piece of packaging plastic.
  • I scrounged the mirror out of my powder compact (I need a magnifying mirror so didn't need it).
  • The tub, sink & toilet I got from an estate sale at the Columbus show this past spring.
  • The rugs & towels are made from the 'granite' paint samples from Lowes.
  • I made the hamper from card stock covered w/a vinyl paintable wallpaper from Lowes' closeout.
  • The lid is a piece of foam sheet.
  • The flower pocket on the wall is made from a Roger's chocolate Victoria creams wrapper.
  • I printed out pics of my RL stained glass pieces on clear film & hung one in the window.
  • The Battenburg lace curtains are made from tiny lace doilies.
  • For a shower hook, I bent a tiny piece of green-colored wire into an "S" shape. That way it was easy
  • to attach them to the curtain first & close one end of the open "S", then to the curtain rod & then close that one too.
  • The waste basket was a clear lid to a bottle of hair spritz. I printed out 3 pics of a flamingo pattern & glued them to the inside.
  • I definitely need a kitty on the windowsill (which I made from a "marble" paint sample from Lowes)
(see Paula's link above for more pics.)