Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crooked House

Sue wrote:
I've been working on the garden for my Crooked House and here are the updated photos:

The base was covered with 1" deep insulation foam so I could dig down for the pond. The first three photos show the pond that has been made with paperclay, the hard standing for the greenhouse and the stepping stones. Then I covered all the soil area with staysoft and then glued on the brown railway gravel I use for soil.

I then spent probably about four days making the crooked greenhouse. I so need to get a life LOL. As you can see from later photos, the roof lifts off. It's all very fragile and you look at it and a bit pops off, so I needed to be able to get to the inside without having to reach in the doorway, plus the roof needed a bit more support, so I attached it to the central colum. It's made from twigs glued straight onto the perpex and fixed onto a plywood base. Of the ten windows no two are the same. And I've grunged up the windows too.

The fence panels are temporarily wired on for now, I'm can be clumsy and I wanted to be able to remove them when I plant anything.

All the plants I've made from cold porcelain using Diane Harfield's cutters.

All the birds I bought from and these and the plant pots are the only things I didn't make myself.

So you can see I still have a bit of work to do ;0). The next thing will be to paint my fishes and make the bulrushes and water iris so that I can put the water in the pond.

Then I'm going to have to make a few plants, a bird table and a few other bits and bobs.

Oh, and sculpt my witch :0).

Sue from Garstang, UK