Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hairy Kiwi!

Chris in Canada wrote:
This is not my idea, but was shared with a local mini-group (now sadly defunct) by a talented group member.
Next time you are about to cut into a Kiwi fruit, gently shave the "hair" off onto a small plate using a disposable razor. Air dry for a few hours then store in a pill bottle or baggie. This makes great mini hair for a beauty parlour or dog groomer's floor, a bed or a couch etc... to give that little extra touch of realism. Not that any of MY cats or dogs ever get up on the furniture or sleep on my bed at night. Yeah, right! It also can be used as you would flocking for furring a mini pet, and although I haven't tried colouring it first with watered down paint, I don't see why it wouldn't work, as long as the hairs are dried and fluffed up before they are glued on the animal.
Happy Shaving!