Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mini Gifts for Non-Miniaturists

Marjorie Wannamaker wrote:

I would like to share with you two of the three hutches I made as gifts for my quilting buddies. They know I make miniatures and I decided for our Christmas exchange gifts that I would share my love of minis with them tying in quilting with the accessories put into the hutches.
I started with the wooden $1 hutches that Michaels sells. I stained them instead of painting to save time. I wondered if the glue spots would show up but not many did.
As you can see, I did each hutch a little differently, trying to match personalities and likes to each one. Different colors, themes, etc. I made the iron and scissors pink in honor of one of the gals who fought breast cancer last year and won.

The Christmas plates are Chrysnbon with paper printies glued on and then sprayed with gloss sealer. The Candle is a large white straw glued to a bell-shaped base, some Grrrrip glue dabbed in the top and a piece of black thread stuck into glue for wick. I also dribbled a little glue down over the side to look like melted wax. Doesn't show up in pic, but it's there. The Sleigh card holder I made using index card and wire. The cards in the sleigh are printies.

The Basket of quilting notions I made using perforated paper, a small square of used hankie for the drape and misc paper, index card, and printies to make the accessories. The little Christmas trees are tiny sissal trees from Michaels covered with beads and fly tying tinsel. They were too tall so I cut off the round wooden bases, shortened the trunk and glued the bottom of the tree to a round of index card for stability and ease in gluing in place.

The Christmas Stocking was a picture from a magazine printed onto fabric using my ink jet printer and one of the commercial fabric printable sheets. I spaced them far enough apart so that I could fold them in half on the fabric after printing and glue the edges together so that Santa can deposit his gifts. Then I put tiny lace around the tops with two holly leaves and a few red "berries" using no-hole beads.
For the Bolts of fabric I folded a piece of fabric wrong sides together and wrapped it around a piece of index card. The Batting is made from some heavy flannel, with a printie label I made wrapped inside a clear baggie (light weight sandwich type). Tacky or Grrrip glue will adhere the plastic - just be patient for it to dry.

The poinsettia plants were made using a pattern from a Nutshell News magazine from the 1980's. I had forgotten how long it takes to cut out 42 petals and six leaves per plant. LOL To say nothing of putting the flower together. Again, patience for glue to dry.