Monday, August 24, 2009

Trims, Pleats and Lace

Kathi Mendenhall, IGMA Artisan, and owner of La Petite Belle Patterns has written some great posts on trims on the blog, the Creative Doll.



Ruching Ribbon

Cartridge Pleats

Silk ribbon Rose

Picking fabric and trim which is in scale for your doll:

From Cindy Crane:
Use bunka for quick and easy buds!
This also works with silk ribbon. Simply tie the bunka into small knots. The more knots the larger the "rose".
Add a dab of glue to seal the knot, snip off the ends and presto! these can be clustered together for a very pretty look. The same with the silk ribbon, just make loose knots one on top of the other, glue and snip the ends. These work especially well when you need a cluster of roses at the neck of a dress or on a hat. Don't forget to place a small bit of green to fashion leaves and place those among the roses.