Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Break a Few Eggs!

Chris in Canada wrote:
Next time you have a papier-mâché carry-out tray or egg carton for recycling (or are making stones for a mini structure) toss a few small pieces on an envelope or baggie. These bits can be soaked in a container of warm water until they get really mushy, wrung out then kneaded with some white craft glue and used just as you would store bought papier-mâché for mouldings, garden sculptures, pond edges, a lightweight core under Fimo doll bodies, etc..... The glue gives the mixture back the strength lost when it is soaked, and you can prepare even a 1/2" ball of it at a time.

Jo in Ga added:
I took the egg cup portions of the egg carton, soaked them in hot water till soft, then turned them inside out to make boulders..