Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Make a Quilt

Karen Bainbridge made this quilt - isn't it pretty!

This is taken from the TUT

Karen's Instructions:
  • Use two fabrics, a green and pink small print and cut one inch strips.
  • Sew together with a quarter inch seam, then re-cut them into one inch sections.
  • Then sew them together in twos which would make 4 squares. Sew two of these 4 squares together and measure them on the bed.
  • In this case, the quilt was 14 squares across so it would hang to the floor and seven or eight rows of squares for the length of the bed. Each bed would probably be a little different.
  • When all the squares are together they measure 1/2inch (which would be a six inch square in real size). When the quilt is big enough, back it with a green rectangle and pin the centre of it and cut it close to the size of the top.
  • Then cut a binding again from the green 1 1/2 (you might want to try 1 3/4 inches) inches wide and fold it in half and press it.
  • Sew along til almost 1/4 inch from the corner and then go off diagonally to the corner. Fold the binding up and then back down to sew the next side of the quilt being careful not to catch the folded piece of fabric underneath in you stitching so try a scant 1/4 inch when you start to sew the side. When all is done you fold the binding to the back and stitch with an invisible applique stitch. This is done by putting your second and following stitch just under where you came up previously. Now where you started and ended might be a little thick and any area that is you will have to cut the thickness out as best you can without cutting through the stitching.
  • Don't quilt the quilt as it would make it too stiff or put a batting into it. It would also make it too thick.
Here is a tutorial for RL quilt binding:
There is a PDF file here you can print out for yourself.

Here is a link to Chris in Canada's quilts: