Saturday, May 9, 2009


Chris in Canada writes:
If you have young boys, don't toss that broken toy car before you
pry off the bottom and remove the wheels, axles and all, as well as
the steering wheel. Some wheels are too thick for realism, especially
on the racing cars, but the rest pass on lawnmowers, BBQs, toy wagons
or soapbox derby vehicles etc...... You may even luck out and find he
right ones for a pram or an adult walker. The steering wheels can be
used for valve wheels on a pipe, as a base for a small scale
candelabra, in a child's kiddie car etc...... (I had 2 girls so no
leftover cars lurk here, but I bought a big bag of cars and trucks
for $3 at a garage sale, and have used them many times when I wanted
something to actually move when pushed or pulled.)