Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uses for Dryer Sheets

Chris in Canada wrote:
Here's some trash I've used a great deal in smaller scales, but it's
really applicable to any mini scale.

Next time you use a dryer sheet in your dryer, take a look-see at the
used sheet before you trash it. Most of them consist of a non-woven
material impregnated with the softener. Once used, the softener is
gone and you are left with a thin sheet of 'fabric'. Depending on the
brand, what type of laundry was in the dryer and how long the dryer
was on, you'll find one of these:

a) a shredded mess (trash unless you shred it more and use it to
stuff mini-pillows)
b) a stiffish, thin sheet that can be decorated with a ultra-fine
point permanent marker and turned into tablecloths, or curtains for
kitchen or bathroom
c) a soft cushy material for facecloths, towels, cloth diapers, baby
blankets etc..... This takes the same type marker well too.

The material is easy to handle, does not fray, is not too absorbent
so marker or glue doesn't soak in and ruin the item, and in the case
of b), it holds pleats and small gathers wonderfully with just a shot
of cheap extra-hold hairspray. Plus you can decorate it to match
whatever you want with marker, ribbon, lace etc...... Oops, I nearly
forgot. The price is right!

Happy laundry drying, and many mini hugs.