Monday, May 18, 2009


Jaime wrote about Granny's House: I added this bathroom upstairs...I put a 'false' window, and added a nice bubble bath for Gramma.

Glenna Humberstone wrote: I did a frog bathroom in my Orchid house. I put frogs on my curtains and rugs and even on the hamper. I even had a frog toilet lid. I had a shelf up that had frogs on it .
The sticker on the curtains and towels and the hamper I found at Wal-mart. I used Mod-podge to glue the stickers down then I lightly put Mod-podge over all the curtain. The hamper is made from plastic canvas.
As for the King on the throne I took the picture from a site I found that was loaded with frog items to buy.

For a swap, Glenna used a black and white theme for a Michael's hutch.
She included face cloths, towels, toilet paper, perfume bottles and tiny statues of a lion and an elephant.

Tanya has done 2........... .
Red Bathroom:

http://www.picturet sfx/album/ view/5815043
Green Bathroom:
http://www.picturet sfx/album/ view/7251673
She also made a doctor's scale from a disposable razor!

Tanya gives instructions to make her lotion pump here:
Also look for hairbrushes made from electrical connectors, and the doctor's scale!
Sha has her own mini-group as well as being a member of littleroomers.

Doreen Playter discusses her swap and gives instructions.
http://doreensproje cts.blogspot. com/2009/ 03/bathroom- project.html

Barb K's Salle de Bain is shown in a previous post.
http://littleroomer s.blogspot. com/2009/ 03/barbs- fla-trip. html

Essential to a bathroom! Toilet Paper!

Chris Pecherzewski did this QS Bathroom:

Check Sandra's Picturetrail for this half-scale bathroom.