Saturday, May 30, 2009

Workshop Tools for Around the House

Doreen Playter made her David some tools to get on with the job of finishing Julie's house.

  • Hammer was a Fimo head on a tooth pick
  • Saw was a Fimo handle on a blade cut from a tin foil cut strip
  • Level was made from Fimo with a juice straw piece for the level gauge marked with marker
  • Mallet was a bead on a toothpick
  • Measuring tape was a printie glued into a black piece of Fimo with the side painted silver
  • Mitre box was three pieces of scrap wood that I cut angles in
  • Paint brushes were made with the ends of pencils flattened around the end of a chopstick and then glued onto a large brush - when dry you cut the bristles to the small brush size (I showed how this was done on my blog awhile ago)
  • The other tools, the pliers, wrench, screwdriver and square were stickers that I glued back to back on a piece of cardboard and added a Fimo handle to them.