Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mirror or Aluminum Trim

Chris in Canada wrote:
The new-style pop-off seals from cans of ground coffee contain a 3/4"
square thick mylar 'mirror' on the top surface over the air vents,
and the rest of it is great material to use for aluminium trim for
counters, breadboxes etc.... in a 30's-50's kitchen (for counter trim
tool lines into it with a dead ballpoint pen or stylus), as well as
pewter plates and pizza or pie pans. The metal is easy to cut or
punch and using a ball stylus you can coax it into shallow shapes
that are quite sturdy. As long as you wash the lid in warm soapy
water first to get rid of any oils from the coffee, you can use water
based paint to make porcelain plates and it can be glued with
SuperGlue. This makes it easy to create the curlicues for an ornate
silver candelabra or picture frame using thin strips shaped around
something like a toothpick (or a pin if you are a mini-masochist).