Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lazy Larry the Leprechan

Leprechaun school’s head Professor was lecturing all of the young leprechauns about the importance of finding and protecting their own personal Pot –Of- Gold. Little Lazy Larry Leprechaun listened half heartily and frequently nodded off in class. After class Little Larry started his quest full of optimism and determination, his head was full of images of great wealth.
He searched for days with little or no sleep. He was very weary and began to feel he would never fulfill his quest. Then as he approached the top of a magnificent hill, there it was in front of him a brilliant COT-of Gold filled with soft inviting marshmallows.
He cautiously climbed in and immediately fell fast asleep with a smile of peace and tranquility on his face.
Needless to say Little Lazy Larry did not get an A in the professor’s class, but he did not fail. He enjoyed a good nights sleep and was able to temporarily partake of the comfort and security he dreamed of at the onset of his quest.
Nancy Cronin