Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miniature Victorian House in a Bottle

Dana Perkins made this.
Quote from E-Bay Listing :
After making several ships in bottles, I decided to try something different. This is the real deal, and not a "retouched photo trick." It's a Victorian miniature house in a bottle that I designed and built from scratch. All parts, including the windows, were cut and shaped by hand. This was not a kit! The house was actually assembled inside the bottle using a combination of surgical tools and custom made tools I made myself. The bottle is a one gallon glass jug, and all the pieces went in through the small opening at the top of the bottle. The house is made from wood (basswood and birch). The roof shingles are made from index card stock. Shrubs around the house are made from lichen moss, and the ground is made from plasticene clay. There are more than 1,000 individually shaped pieces, including inner framing that helped hold the pieces in place during assembly inside the bottle. The house is well-made, straight and square. Any apparent waviness of the house in the photo is caused by glass distortion of the bottle.

This item is quite rugged, because everything is securely glued in place. In fact, during construction, I frequently worked with the bottle rolling around on its side and upside down. Sometimes I had to shake it upside down to get out a rogue piece that had dropped out of one of my tools. Still, if you are within a day or two drive of southern Maine, you should probably come and get it, or I can meet you half way, simply because the bottle is glass and might break during shipment.