Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bride's Aid Flowers and Cakes

Niagara Minis meet once a month. Ann Kozlik brought this project to the March Meeting - based on a wordplay for "bridesmaid", she titled it Bride's Aid Flowers and Cakes.

It is a Michael's CD holder -- which was a Christmas gift at our Niagara Minis party.
Most of the flower containers came from lipstick tops, the one in left front was a perfume bottle top.
The gold candles across the back of the 'cake room' are simply stuck in a piece of rigid foam, surrounded with greenery bits. The side walls are covered with wide yellow grosgrain ribbon.

At the back is Edmund Blair Leighton's "signing the Register" an old Victorian print.
The cake is one of those bubble favours from the $ store, decorated with yellow nail polish!