Thursday, September 8, 2011

Keep your lid on!

Water Bottle Lids

Planter and Bowl on a plate

Marjorie in California writes:
If you look at water bottle tops carefully, you will find a wealth of uses. I've posted pics of two different types; one that comes in blue or white and is a push up. Another that is a flip over type.

On the push up one, I had my hubby cut off the lower section, making a beautiful planter in one inch scale. On the flip on, the part that flips over is the bowl on a plate. This could be used in multi scales depending on what you wanted to do with it.

Leilani from Wee Creations Yahoo group adds: 
The piece next to the blue cap on the right side pic can be turned into a great outdoors planter and also a smaller scale table base and the white top piece that's still on the blue bottle top can be turned into another planter as well.



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