Friday, September 9, 2011

Ironing Board

How I did it:
If you want precise step by step measurements and directions here FUGETTABOUTIT! But here is a fly-by the seat of your pants tut.
Materials :

  • 1/8' strip wood
  • cardboard
  • paper towel (Viva if available)
Step 1:
  • Cut ironing board shape from cardboard (below)

  • Apply 3 layers of felt to one side of the ironing board surface. Apply the paper toweling and trim as shown. Clip the toweling so that it can be glued evenly to the underside of the cardboard. It is easiest if you glue small spots on opposite ends, side to side and back to back and then work your way around, so that paper towel or fabric does not bunch up and create folds.

  • Apply a piece of white card to the underside of the ironing board.
  • Cut 4 pieces of 1/8" strip x 3 3/4" long, at 45 ° angles on opposite ends. (below)

  • Cut braces for the for the legs. Glue together. The total width of the legs cannot be more than the width of the ironing board!

  • Paint the frame, then glue to the top. VoilĂ ! C'est Fini!

Additional ideas:
  • paint the ironing board with silver to mimic a Teflon cover.
  • if you are doing a vintage scene, forget about the legs and suspend the board between 2 chairs (resting on the top rail between the stiles of each chair back)
  • what about just one support, and the ironing board folds down from the wall from the back of a door or a built-in cupboard?
  • remember the Coke bottle with the sprinkler top filled with water (before spray bottles, kiddies!) When ironing multiple items, you would dampen by sprinkling with water, rolling them up like towels, place in a plastic bag to keep them moist, and take out one article at a time to iron. (If you couldn't finish the pile, the bag went into the fridge until the next day!)