Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Starting them young!

Carolyn Brown is creating mini memories with her grand-daughter Amelia, who just turned 2, and visited for the whole w/e.

Carolyn says:
I made her a couple of outfits and needed her to try them on for button placement and it was the first time she saw my sewing/craft workroom. Her eyes were huge and she said 'Wow Grandma!' and she asked to 'help' me.
I kept her busy with buttons and tape measure until she spotted my old porcelain 'test' doll that I use for trying different glues & finishes- no hair, pipe cleaner arms and legs, no hands and only one foot. She had quite a conversation with it so I decided to give her the FP Loving Family dolls I bought long ago and planned to give her maybe next year. She was enthralled and played with them for hours. Put them all to bed on my little ironing board so I let her choose colours of felt and I cut out blankets for them. She had Mommy & Daddy hugging and 'baby' nursing. Right now I am making a 'tent' carrying case and sleeping bags for them. She is going camping in a couple of weeks so this will fit right in. A fabric 'dollhouse' is upcoming.

It was asked what age children should be exposed to miniatures, and I think the answer to that is when they show an interest. I had not planned to give her the FP dolls for a while but her imagination was ready now."

I will have such fun with her. Great imagination and role-playing. I already have a really cute child's dollhouse kit that Ann Kozlick gave me for her. Open concept with sliding doors. Very cute. I guess that will be put together soon and we'll make simple furniture for it. Baby steps! A future miniaturist! !! LOL
Son Michael said she asked for them as soon as they got home. The tent carry-bag & sleeping bags will be going out in tomorrow's mail!

CarolynB in Niagara