Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plates from Plastic Egg Cartons

Chris from Canada wrote:
My Trash Talk hint this week concerns the clear plastic containers that some eggs are sold in. In Canada these are generally the more expensive Omega-3 and organic free range eggs, a marketing ploy if I ever saw one, as these eggs have a harder shell due to the hen's diets so don't need extra protection! Anyhoooooooo ..... These 3- part cartons, in addition to the usual useful rectangles of window 'glass' and so on,also contain in the second part 12 perfect 12" diameter plates (with no indents) to either cut out and paint, coat with several coats of glass stain, or use intact as a mold for paper clay, air dry or polymer clays, tissue paper maché or coated with 2-3 coats of coloured glue. Just pop or peel them off gently, trim the edge all around and there you go.