Monday, October 19, 2009

Angels of Mercy

Canadian Nurses in WW1 wore blue uniforms and were dubbed "bluebirds".

Tribute to Canadian Bluebirds

In my sweet little Alice Blue gown,

When I first came to Birmingham town.

I had had a bad trip, in a nasty old ship

And the cold in my billet, just gave me the pip.

We came out to nurse our own troops,

But were greeted with measles and whoops.(whooping cough)

I was happy and gay, to have served with MacRae (in Flanders Field the Poppies grow)

In my sweet little Alice Blue gown.

A part of No 1 Canadian General Hospital

Nursing Sisters' Theme Song

A total of 3,141 Nursing Sisters served in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps and 2,504 of those served overseas in England, France and the Eastern Mediterranean at Gallipoli, Alexandria and Salonika. By the end of the First World War, approximately 45 Nursing Sisters had given their lives, dying from enemy attacks including the bombing of a hospital and the sinking of a hospital ship, or from disease. The beautiful Nursing Sisters’ memorial in the Hall of Honour in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa is a loving tribute to their service, sacrifice and heroism.

Nurses and wives of men serving overseas during WW1 were the first to ba able to vote.

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