Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ghouliana's Garden

Another fascinating project from Wanna in El Paso! Her stories and how-she- did- it's are so entertaining!

She writes:
I always feel a bit drained when I complete a project because I spend as much if not more time on the photography, the story and the how-I-did-it as I do on the actual setting. So, it's always good to know that someone else is enjoying what I do, and I start to fill back up again.

Someone asked me about the various plants that appear in that little garden. Practically all of them were made by repainting and repositioning bits and pieces of artificial flowers. I added leaves to some. The KnockKnock plant (knobby woody looking thing by the wheelbarrow) has been in my landscaping stash for YEARS waiting for the right spot. No idea where I got that strange little thing, or the two odd pods that formed the pumpkins in the barrow. My husband often picks up bits of things when he is out prowling in the mountains, and perhaps he is responsible for one or the other or both of them.

One of the advantages of having such a large stash is that when a story comes to me the odds are that something I have stowed away, maybe for a long long time, will work.