Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Drape a Quilt

Other ideas include inserting wire at the edges of the quilt or bedspread (like in a wired ribbon, and gluing silver foil to the underside. Then adjust on the bed.

Betsie from SA Minis wrote:
  • Cut a piece of lining, the final size of the tablecloth, and a piece of
  • heavy duty tin foil, the same size.
  • Cut the tablecloth with a 5 mm seam allowance all around the edge.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of tacky glue to the dull side of the tinfoil.
  • Smooth with a craft stick or an old credit card.
  • Stick this to the wrong side of the tablecloth (the one with the seam
  • allowance).
  • Iron to speed up the drying of the glue, and smooth it.
  • Iron the 5 mm allowance to the wrong side, apply a thin line of glue, and
  • glue the allowances to the underside of the tablecloth. Iron again.
  • Now apply glue to the tinfoil side of the cloth, making sure that you apply
  • the glue to the edges as well. That will prevent the edge of the lining
  • from unraveling. Smooth as before, and glue the lining to the back. The
  • lining should now be the same size as the tablecloth. Iron.
  • Now put your tablecloth, right side down, on a smooth clean surface.
  • Put your table upside down on the tablecloth, centering it. If it's a
  • cheapie table that you don't care about, you can glue the tablecloth to the
  • table at this stage. Or make a thin card template the size of the table,
  • and glue the tablecloth to that.
  • Turn the table and cloth right side up, and push the sides of the tablecloth
  • down. Make sure its even.
  • Arrange the corners nicely, and push down. This really makes anything look
  • more in scale. Fly-away tablecloths and curtains aren't nice.
  • The lining is necessary, as the tinfoil back may show especially at the
  • corners. I don't think a lining is necessary when making a round cloth.
I have also made a Santa's jacket hanging against a wall (for a swap), and
for that I also didn't use a lining, just the tinfoil. It worked very well,
as I could easily drape the thickish fabric.

So sorry, never made a quilt, but I'm sure it would work just as well.
Maybe with less glue, as a quilt is more puffy than a tablecloth.

Felicity Walker added her comment:
I have used tinfoil as a backing to curtains to get them to hang in folds. I don't use glue but the applique paper which one can buy from hobby shops. I ironed the paper to the underside of the fabric, let it cool and then peeled off the paper, placed the tinfoil on top and then ironed again.