Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Faux glass from Fabric glue

Chris from Canada writes:
Got a bottle of fabric glue whose remaining contents have turned into
a glob of thick slime? After you rescue the cap for a vase or
milkshake glass, don't toss the bottle before you try removing the
top (cutting it off if you have to) and placing the bottle upright in
a mug of hot water for 5-10 minutes until it softens up enough to
scrape it out of the bottle. (DO NOT microwave it, even on low power,
or you may end up scraping blobs from the interior of the microwave.)
Now you can spread it onto some waxed paper and either press it out
thin enough to cut out shapes for plates, shallow bowls etc....
indenting the centre with the end of a pencil, thin dowel or a ball
stylus. If it is soft enough, mould around the blunt end of a skewer,
crochet hook or other form, and pop it off to finish drying. After
2-3 hours, it will be as dry and clear as it will get, but remains
flexible. Of course, you can leave the glue on a mould to dry, but if
there are any rough spots or ridges, however microscopic, you will
have trouble removing the dried item. Once dried/cured, decorate the
items with glass paint, marker, or sheer nail polish for the artisan-
made glass look.