Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free DIY Flocking

Chris from Canada wrote:
I will always remember my best friend's great-grandmother, Granny
Ruth, who taught us both to embroider, saying we should use every
last possible bit of the strand of floss, even if it meant re-
threading the needle after every stitch, as that 1 or 2 inches of
floss we threw away might prove to be just what we needed to finish
the design. Many years later, I still save every snippet of floss as
well as sewing thread, crochet cotton and yarn. I have a
compartmentalised plastic bead storage box from the dollar store
where I keep them, sorted by basic colour.

Once I have accumulated a small handful of similar-coloured bits and
pieces, I haul out my garage sale blender, toss in the snippets then
buzz until everything is fluffy, just like the 'real' flocking, only
free, thanks to Granny Ruth.