Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plant pots

What do you use for planters or plant pots?
1. Rum or whiskey lids as below, can be covered with string, or textured paper. If the string or paper won’t stick, apply masking tape to the surface of the lid and then glue. This plant is made from masking tape leaves and a pipe cleaner stem.

2. Buttons from broken computer keyboards.
3. Toothpaste lids – a real oldie – paint a terracotta colour. Fill with a tiny plant.
4. Creamer containers – see by the door? One is dented, I notice. You can even fashion a custom sized window box out of cardboard. Fill the box with air-dry clay, glue coffee grounds on top to resemble soil, and insert foliage and Mix tea and coffee to make a lighter soil. The innards of a Brita water filter also can be used as dirt.

5. Finial Dowel Caps – (wood section at Michaels) Turn upside down, paint and fill with plastic greenery.

6. Use foil wrappers from Hershey Kisses as plant wraps. Holiday time is a good time to find the different colours.
7. Use butter pat containers to make air-dry clay molds for hanging ferns. Fill the container with clay and insert the ferns. Allow to dry and remove from the plastic mold. Paint the clay brown to resemble a mossy basket. The container isn’t really all that visible as the ferns hang over it. Take four pieces of string; tie a knot at the bottom, leaving a small trailer. Bring the lengths of string up through the ferns on four sides. Bring them together, fold back on themselves and tie a knot to make a hanger. Trim ends close to knot.