Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture Frames

Pictures – cut out of magazines, catalogues, and ads, pasted onto cardboard. Square frames are pieces of bamboo skewers. The gold one with the rope effect is textured WP.

The round ones have thread glued to the edges, and painted gold or silver. Paste several to a sheet of cardboard, glue the “frames” and then paint them, cutting out after they are dry.
The tiny ones are for tabletops. Paint the back as well and apply a little hinge to make them stand up, just like regular picture frames. I am lucky enough to live in NOTL, Ontario and attend the Shaw Festival. The programs are great for period costumes and pics.

The mantle clock is cardboard as well, the same shape cut out and pasted together until the clock is thick enough to be convincing, and the edges sanded. The face was from a flyer advertising watches. The gold outline is thread once again.