Friday, December 19, 2008

Art Gallery

A fun way to create a “holding area” for art until you find the right scene.

1. Modern Art
• Modern art would have paintings that could be made easily by painting paper with abstracts and framing.
• Google Mondrian, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Seurat, Picasso
• Easel
• Weird sculptures from clay. Use some of the funky stuff from the Dollar store that they have for hair ornaments.
• Sculptured hand (amputated from a doll) mounted on a wall.
• Hand chairs.
• Dali red lips couch.

2. Asian Art
• Plenty of Asian stuff on the web for hanging on walls – like kimonos, scrolls (download and resize),
• Make teapots Asian style.
• Buddha statues, and water fountains.
The picture in the link made me think about the incense burning figures of Buddha and dragons you sometimes see in Dollar stores.
• Small tables using elephants or tigers as the base?

3. Sculpture
• An open space with various statures and a garden.
• Roman statures with no arms, sitting lions,
• Ironwork sculptures - crumpled brown paper bag glued to a piece of cardboard shape .The shape is then coated on one side fairly thickly with glue. Then pass it over a candle flame, where it bubbles and collects soot>black. Then, Rub "n Buff was used to highlight the textured areas. Could you make iron sculptures this way? This guy seems to have some.

This is Ann Kozlick's museum roombox.