Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whine and Cheese!

Tina Haley posted in Wee Creations that she finished this project for her daughter's birthday. materials.

She says: I do not remember who taught that workshop but I wish I could give her credit for it.  My sister-in-law could not go because of health reasons so I asked if we could buy the kits.  It had a different kitchen area and the printed things in the top part are my own creations as are the planted half barrels.  It is also arranged a little differently than the original was.
I do a lot of roomboxes and this was the first time I worked with a kit. 


Bistro area is 1:48 scale

The top contains mixed scales.

This kitchen is 1" scale.

She used a wine box, and combined items of a different scale to make this scene. Brilliantly done!