Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Save those lids!

Chris Shibata from Canada writes:
I don't know why I never noticed the potential of cold drink lids before, unless it's because I rarely visit fast food places, but today I noticed the semi-opaque plastic lids each contain several
bowls suitable for fruit nappies in 1:12, soup bowls in 1:24 or salad bowls in 1:48. As a test I coated 2 of them with nail enamel while they were still in the lid, then cut all four out with curved scissors and touched up the cut edges up with gold leaf pen. I ended up with 2 bowls with a fine porcelain finish, and 2 frosted glass bowls. I also punched out circles from the unused flat portion of the lid, and used a ball stylus to indent the centres for plates. The indentations and rims hold their shape nicely, but the pressure from the stylus turned the plastic opaque white. I was hoping I could make sets of frosted dessert dishes but the plastic apparently had other
ideas. :-(

Nailpolish on both sides of 'bumps'-cut or punched out. Gold leaf pen on edges. I also tried adding more embossing in the form of little gouges to the plain plastic, and put pale blue permanent marker on the back and rim. It came out looking like a piece of Chinese 'Rice Pattern' tableware, with the blue showing very slightly through the flat areas and the rice dents are opaque white. The dents are too large for scale, but that would be easily remedied by using a smaller stylus.