Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chartreuse Fur

Marjorie Wannamaker wrote:
I needed something that resembled fake fur in chartreuse to complete a gift for a friend.
No only did I not have any fake fur, I had NOTHING that was chartreuse. And for the ornament I was recreating in miniature, it had to be chartreuse. What was the ornament you may ask? A Christmas Vulture. Don't ask. LOL.
A turkey vulture ppicks up all the toys left lying around on Dec.26.
Anyway, I found a little dainty trim that I thought might be able to use, but it wasn't going to make the ornament like it was. My DH came to my rescue - "I have a Fluorescent Highlighter that is chartreuse color; what about using it on a Q-tip and then pulling the cotton out and putting it on the ornament?" It worked perfectly, so he colored a Q-tip, I pulled the chartreuse cotton out with a needle tool, cut off what I needed and glued it to the ornament. That did the job.
So the next time you need fake fur, try coloring q-tips or cotton balls and set to work gluing to your hearts content.