Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is a' comin'!

Doreen Playter has a beautiful talent for combining real life and miniatures in her blog.
This is a picture of her doll house decorated for Christmas. She is also decorating inside - look at her cosy fireplace below.

She says:
I try to make all my scenes as I would like them in real life. My mother always had a miniature snow scene that had a sleigh and reindeer. It was not dollhouse sized but she worked at a place that made Christmas ornaments like that. I still can see her sitting at the dining room table with newspaper spread over the table and bags of glitter and greenery and the wooden pices that she put together. I still remember the church and the sleigh that was covered in sparling snow and played music. I loved to get those ornaments out every Christmas and I loved to put the bag
of toys in Santa's sleigh. The church played Silent Night and the sleigh played Jingle Bells. I think I wore out both of the music boxes as I played them so often.
This is just a sampling.
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