Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zip Shut Bags

Chris from Canada wrote:
Next time you are about to pitch out one of those zip shut bags, take

a good look at the plastic strips that close it. Depending on the
brand they may look a bit different but the principle is the same.
One side has a single semi-rigid strip that pops into a double track
on the other side. That double track side can be cut out from the bag
and used as a track for a sliding cabinet door or window made from
acetate or thin wood, or will hold an acetate sheet in place across
the open side of a dollhouse or roombox. The ones on the brand name
bags have brightly coloured backing with a clear track, so you have
to paint the backing to match the surface you are gluing it to, but
the cheap no-name bags I use are all clear and as long as you use a
glue that dries clear, are almost invisible. BTW, the bigger bags may
have heavier zip tracks, but don't count on it. Zip-Lock and Slide
Seal use the same size track for all sizes, but Glad has 2 different
sizes, plus their microwave cooking bags have a really strong track,
good for places that will see a lot of opening and closing. Compare
this to buying an 8" strip of the smallest 'U' trim from a model
train shop for $5-$6, and I think you will see gold in them thar
bags. :-D