Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wood shavings for Aminal Hutch

Chris from Canada wrote:
Recently I made a mini rabbit hutch for a friend who's elderly bunny,
Porky, had passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She already has a mini
bunny in 1:12 with identical markings that I bought for her a few
years ago, so I thought it would be nice to give her a duplicate of
Porky's hutch as a gift. The problem was, I no longer had any cedar
chips or wood shavings I could break up into smaller pieces around
the house, so I started to create mini wood shavings with a craft
knife from Popsicle sticks, but after only a few were shaved off, I
succeeded in cutting my thumb open. Ouch!

Nursing my now cleaned and bandaged thumb, and wondering just how I
was going to come up with wood shavings when I couldn't hold anything
comfortably, I spotted a little plastic pencil sharpener on the
table, and the proverbial light bulb turned on. I sanded the paint off
the first inch or so of a new pencil, then started grinding away,
using a light touch. TaDa!! Perfect, unpainted, super-thin mini wood
shavings for the hutch which, when glued in place with craft glue,
made a perfect bunny bed. These would also look good scattered around
a woodworker's bench, or beside a tree stump where someone has been
splitting logs.