Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Small plates and bowls from tea light holders.

Chris in Canada writes:
Use a paper punch to cut shapes from the thin metal cups that tea lights come in.
Then use a ball stylus to indent the centre to form a plate or shallow bowl. (I put the piece on a cutting mat and just go round and round with the stylus until the it is the way I want it.
The harder you press, the deeper the indentation. Flip it over and smooth the rim from below if it has curved upwards due to the pressure of the stylus. Fluted rims can be made by indenting the flutes using the tip of a table knife BEFORE you work on the indentation.
Finish with gloss paint or nail polish for porcelain, or burnish with a medium metal stylus or round end of a metal crochet hook to make pewter plates.