Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pill Bottle Platters

Chris from Canada says:
I save prescription pill bottles for shipping, storing small items and keeping custom mixed paints fresh until I finish a project. I was about to toss one of those"childproof" bottles (the push down and turn style) that I had used for mixing and storing some textured paint,when I took a good look inside the lid. A quick slip and flip with the tip of my craft knife, and out popped a 1.25" diameter serving platter, just right for serving up a large ham (or a roast Head of Hag ) with veggies, or a big plate of Christmas cookies. I checked out my stash and came up with .75" and 1" sizes, as well as a whopping 2" one, which would be the perfect container for a shallow planter or small reflecting pool for a patio scene.