Thursday, June 22, 2017

West Coast BC Big House

Edith Newman from Sooke British Columbia, has completed an astonishingly detailed replica of a big house.
This is the front of the house, with the dugout canoe and nets. The lady is splitting salmon to dry on the drying rack near the front door. The children are carrying fish from the canoe to the bentwood box.The girl with the basket on her back has just come back from digging clams. Can you see the Hudson's Bay blankets through the front door?
The totem has an eagle atop a copper which is shield shaped and is a sign of great wealth. 
The design on the front of the house is of the killer whale. 
The design on the dugout canoe is of the sisiutl or double-headed sea serpent. It is a protector. 

The mats on the ground are old worn mats that are dampened and put over the canoe to keep it from drying and cracking when it is out of the water.
The drying rack on the roof, where small fish are dried.
The elder is teaching the youngster how to spear a fish.
Interior view from roof
Man climbing ladder and view of various storage baskets.
View from the front.
Man is filling bullkelp with fish oil to store for the winter

Salmon being cooked on the fire, an elder weaving a mat and the kids are singing and drumming.
Smoke is rising from the fire.

This gives an idea of the size of this unique project.

Edith is a member of Small Endeavours, Miniature group in Victoria B. C.