Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adrian's Trash to Treasure Challenge

Another participant in the Canada Minis T2T challenge issued by Barb K!
Take a look at this inventive gazebo.

Adrian Cooper runs a T2T competition at Camp Mini Ha Ha* each year and writes:
I collect weird little bits of tat through the year, and make up identical kits, which can be picked up on the opening evening of Camp, and worked on over the 5 days. I do include a piece of foam core, and several types of mini "lumber" with those kits, as the ladies are at Camp without access to their home stashes. I am always thrilled with the different finished vignettes, so many different approaches.

Components I used for the challenge:

  • Feathers - bird
  • Beads - ornament on gazebo inserts, glasses of wine
  • Cotton balls - body of bird
  • Wrapping paper - roses on table
  • Stir sticks - anchor struts on outside of gazebo roof
  • Small box - table
  • Stickers sides of backdrop
  • Cardstock - gazebo roof and inserts
  • Bottle caps - tray fro sandwiches
  • Greeting card - centre panel of backdrop
  • Foam sheet - "bread" of sandwiches
  • Felt - centre panelling of backdrop
  • Toothpicks - support struts on under edge of roof panels
  • Plain paper - backdrop panel, gazebo inserts, bird's beak
  • Qtips - roses in vase
  • Thumb tack - bird's head
  • Ribbon filigre plush ribbon pattern was cut apart - filling of sandwiches
  • Toiletry caps - cake, finial of gazebo roof
  • Mirror - table derssing
  • Green fabric - rest of vines
  • Straight pins - rose stens in vase
  • Napkin - tablecloth
  • Extra chosen item - bead for vase on table

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"Camp Minihahha" in Nova Scotia. Maureen Heuchert has an album of pictures, also showing historic Louisburg, and Cape Breton in 2009 (see interview on Breakfast TV)