Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pantyhose never die!

Chris from Canada wrote:
If you have a pair of pantyhose, knee highs or lightweight leotards that are about to be tossed, wash them and cut out any good sized bits that are undamaged. This fabric can be sewn into tubes and used for mini stockings, dance leotards, hats, scarves, swim suits, sleeveless tops, long undies etc......... or any mini clothing item that calls for a thin, stretchy, fine knit fabric that can be made with minimal shaping.
NOTE: Pieces of this stuff also come in handy for applying wood stains and acrylic finishes, applying and buffing mini-furniture wax and giving a soft sheen to items made from polymer clay.
Thin tights are good for straining off liquids such as paints. They can be used to hold house parts together until the glue dries. This is stretching things a bit, (heh, heh) but think about storage...lots of stuff fits in those legs! They can be tied to a hanger, hung on a rod, ....
Don't forget to wrap a leg over your vacuum nozzle when you are dusting your craft space, so your little bits are not sucked up into oblivion!