Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sewing - Work in Progress (pattern and dressmaking pins)

De-De Heeter wrote:
I just posted a little tutorial on my blog about how to make a very realistic looking sewing pattern "in use." I utilized the pattern sent in one of the posts earlier today and printed it on tissue, and it looks great! Best part is it took me maybe all of 10 minutes to do from start to finish.

Evelyne Martin in Brazil wrote:
I made my own 'work in progress' (fabric with pattern and pins).
It's not that hard. The tricky part is to make the pins. I got one of those 'wires' we use to fasten food bags, like sliced bread - know what kind? So here's what I did:
  • Peel the plastic part and use the thin wire inside.
  • Cut several pieces (about 3/16" or 4mm each).
  • Dip one end of each piece (use tweezers) in a 'puffy' paint, bronze. That will make a little ball.
  • Stick them in Styrofoam to dry.
  • When dry, use a pin or needle to 'drill' some holes on the patterns, where you think the pins should go. Pierce two tiny holes next to each other for each 'pin' (1/16" or 1.5mm apart)
  • Using tweezers, carefully insert each pin on the holes, as if they were holding the patterns on the fabric (in one hole, out through the other).
  • Put a dab of white glue on the back of the pattern, where each pin is. That will hold them in place.
  • Let dry.
  • Glue patterns to the fabric of your choice.
Check out her sewing room in her Picasa Album.