Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quarter Inch Wine Bottles

From the Quarter Connection Group:
Office Supply companies carry Avery Secur-A-Tach 5" self-fastening Fasteners, but you can also look around when you are shopping for clothes. (Whine and plead with the sales people to give you a few?)
They have indentations, but once you put the label on them, the indentations don't show up.
Gallery Glass paint works the best for painting.

Laura Miller from Tucson wrote about using the tags and posted pictures to her Webshots
Laura sells wine glasses.

And from Judith Dowden:
For the wine bottle--cut off the top and bottom sections of the long piece. Your bottle should be just 5mm long. I painted mine with green glass paint and used a gold pen for the label and top. Use the top ball for a perfume bottle, using a no hole bead for the top. Use the ball with some of the plastic cord left on as another perfume bottle. Use the whole long piece as a wine decanter--painted or left as is. Use the barrel end as it is for a small cask or 1/144th barrel, or cut it in half to make two pots (by adding a card handle), or various dishes or vases

Dish soap container below is made from price tag plastic piece and plastic piece used. Color with permanent green marker. Label is just white paper colored with blue highlighter with dots of color from fine point markers. Top is no-hole bead painted white and super-glued on.

Who- da thunk? Keep those peepers open!